Bloggone – can you believe that 2 months have come and gone since we began our learning journey in ADLT 640?!  And what a journey it has been for me encountering this participatory culture of e-learning; taking on wikis, google hang outs, discussion boards; exploring mash-ups, zines, diigo (which is infinitely more valuable to the adult learner than Lego), incorporating You-Tube, Dreamstime, and TED Talks into the learning journal!  The list of resources and applications we’ve had opportunity to investigate seems endless.   Pondering the meaning and utility of “distributed cognition”, “transmedia navigation” and “collective intelligence” has had the meta cogwheels a’turnin!

As Team Cobra experimented with connectivism during our online project, I was introduced to Merlot, which turned out to be quite useful not only for generating an online module but as a great resource for online learning, in general.  I probably could have benefitted from a few glasses of Merlot while struggling with Merlot to get those darned hyperlinks to stay linked but that’s a story for another time.  I did learn about the online classroom and, thanks to my Cobra teammates, persevered to the completion of the project.

I want to thank Team Yikes and Team Merlot for their excellent online projects and all the wonderful resources and ideas contained therein from which we can all benefit.  Finally, thanks to Dr. Watwood for his instruction and guidance through our weeks of online learning.  Even if I felt a bit like I had been tossed into water over my head without the knowledge or ability to swim, I knew he was there to provide rescue if the situation warranted.  It’s just that it is so darned uncomfortable to feel like you’re drowning!

Okay, so I know that “bloggone” is not really a word but someone got to make up all those other cool words to describe features and resources for online learning so why can’t I make up a word to describe my amazement as I reflect upon this experience?  On that note, I’ll just say “Hasta luego” to you all.  Now, you can’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth out of the Five Minute University!

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2 Responses to “Bloggone”!

  1. bwatwood says:

    Thanks for the “thanks”…and I’ll be following all of you as you move into ADLT 641.

    • I look forward to reading about what you’re doing because I know it will be something interesting. Again, thanks for all your instruction and guidance and especially for introducing us to so many wonderful resources.

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