The “Blogalogue”

For a brief moment last week, I actually thought that I had coined a new word, “blogalogue”, to describe the community dialogue which follows a blog.  How naïve of me!  I should have known that blogging has been around far too long now for a novice like me to come up with any original concept associated there with.  Nevertheless, the wheels keep turning.

After googling the word I learned there are a number of blogs with this name.  There’s  “Blogalogue” , for example and a definition for “blogalog” in the Urban Dictionary (for the record, I do not endorse the ads on this site).  The more I looked, the more I found on this idea of a “blogalogue”.  Fact is, I’m becoming much more a fan of the digital conversation that ensues following a blot post than I ever imagined.   Don’t worry, Mel, I’m by no means attempting to hijack your individual project; rather validating just what an interesting concept it truly is.  It seems to me that the “blogalogue” creates a culture of its own, consisting of a community of followers bouncing ideas off one another, asking questions and further exploring and/or developing the discussion of a concept, theme or entity.  Have you noticed the “blogalogue” that’s developed around the #Adlt 641 blogs?  As much as I am enjoying my classmates’ blogs, I must admit that I am equally as drawn to the comments associated with the blogs and find myself as engaged in reading and responding to them as I am in writing my own blog.

The discovery of how the RSS feed could be used to aggregate selected blog sites in one easily accessible place was a rich one.  So, I spent some time this week setting up feeds to my favorite blog sites and their comments in preparation for the time I’d spend later reading and responding to these.  I have to confess that what I once considered more of as “a class assignment” is becoming more of a personal quest for enlightenment and pleasure.  Sometimes the more I read, the more I want to read.   You don’t think I’m in danger of becoming a “blogaholic”, do you?

Winslow Homer  may have known nothing of the idea of the “blogalogue” but he painted pictures indicative of the culture of his day.  In much the same way, the “blogalogue” paints a picture of the digital culture of our day.  And fortunately for me, features such as RSS make it easier to indulge in all the “blogabaloo”.

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6 Responses to The “Blogalogue”

  1. Katherine says:

    Thanks Wally, I agree that it has been fascinating to see what people write in response to the class blogs and then see what the blogger responds with and then see … I’ve found myself even following individual posts so that I can immediately read what comments others post. While you may not have coined the term “blogalogue,” you certainly introduced it to me. So, I learned something new today.

  2. Jeff Nugent says:

    Enjoyed the reflective tone of you post here and how the “blogologue” experience provides some interesting insights for you. I wonder what your thoughts are about how to engage and support others in arriving at similar views of the value of a distributed online conversation.

  3. bwatwood says:

    It is fun to watch your journey and think how you have grown into this blogalogue. I can relate to “a personal quest for enlightens and pleasure.

  4. jshill2 says:

    I’m with Katherine– it’s a new term for me, as well. So I think you can own it, for the two us us anyway. 🙂 I totally agree that our learning from this course lends itself well to personal development and entertainment. I, too, find myself using my RSS feed (which did not exist prior to this semester) as a means of following favorite culinary blogs, news websites, etc. SO COOL. I’ll have to watch myself, though…could easily become a “blogaholic”. 😉

  5. lsniestrath says:

    I must confess that I skimmed your blog all of the way to the end to find the name of the artist, as I was excited to see the painting at the top of the page. My new passion is finding art blogs to add to the blogroll for the docent art blog that I have created!
    Sometimes I feel that I am being engulfed by all of the new social media that is thrust our way each week. I need a little time to digest it, to play with several sources to then decided what works for me and what does not.
    Our class blog has been a marvelous tool, in my opinion, to generate conversation and thought long after class is dismissed. I look forward to reading each blog over the weekend and “catching” up with everyone. I imagine that it will be odd to return to a traditional setting where conversation does not flow from blog to blog!

    • “Our class blog has been a marvelous tool, in my opinion, to generate conversation and thought long after class is dismissed.” I echo your thoughts! In some ways I feel I have gotten to know certain members of the class much more deeply through the blog communications and comments. Like you, I anticipate that it will feel weird to return to traditional classroom communication. You have an art blog too? Is there anything that you are not into? You amaze me! I’m glad you liked the Winslow Homer touch,.

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