Second Wind

It isn’t unusual to see signs of fatigue during residency training.  In particular, the month of February seems to be a difficult time.  It is often at this time in the academic year that many of our trainees lose sight of their goals and aspirations.  Many of the routine administrative tasks required of them go undone.  Even the most disciplined are often challenged.  They may fail to respond to pages and emails and sometimes during conversations, their eyes glaze over and they just stare at you.  There is a definitive lack of enthusiasm for the journey they once began.  What is needed is a “second wind”.

It seems that there were signs of a similar weariness in a few of the blogs last week and many of the comments echoed these sentiments.  I, too, was feeling that mid-semester drag – a lull in my otherwise boundless zeal for learning.   Contemplating what might renew my energy, I reread the learning goals for Adlt 641.  That seemed to help me refocus but what really grabbed my attention was simply rethinking the title of this course, “Exploration of Digital Media for Adult Learning”.  Specifically, it was that word, “exploration” that caught my attention.   A renewed sense of adventure seemed to take hold as I contemplated this idea of exploring so many yet unknowns in the world of digital media.  With so many assignments before me, it was hard to choose a direction.  I finally decided to have a little fun and take Mel up on the challenge to “explore” FB.

Believe it or not, Wally is now on FB.  Now, honestly, if someone remembers Wally from Patrick Henry High School Class of 1972, I’m really going to start worrying.  I don’t have any “friends” yet but it is not from a lack of trying to find friends.  There are some of our classmates I simply could not locate.  Either I am really FB challenged or there are privacy settings which prevent me from finding some of these friends.   I did, however, find a few of my classmates and think that I invited them to “friend me” but did I?  I searched for Katherine and when some mean looking dude’s picture came up with the same name as Katherine T., I was a little surprised.  Now I have to wonder just who I might have inadvertently connected with.  You don’t think I should be afraid, do you?  I tried to find Rhett but there a Rhett W. in Utah and another who pictured himself driving a go-cart.  I didn’t think that either of them were you, Rhett, or were they?

I guess the thing about exploration is that you never really know just how it might turn out.  I think that’s the point – it’s the adventure that makes it all worthwhile.  There may be surprises, frustrations or disappointments in exploratory learning.  Ultimately, hopefully, there will be gratification in gaining some new knowledge, skill and/or experience.  In the process of learning, sometimes you just hit a wall and it is during those times that one must reach deep inside and find a “second wind” in order not to concede the rewards which come with pressing through.

I’m going to keep exploring this FB thing.  I can’t imagine it will be quite the thrill for Wally that it is for some others, but I just hope it won’t be like a Three Dog Night song.

Here’s to you finding your “second wind”!

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11 Responses to Second Wind

  1. bwatwood says:

    I think you focused on the correct word! Exploring suggests discovery, mystery, fun, and unanticipated new opportunities. Look for “Britt Watwood” to friend – fewer Britt’s and Wally’s out there and easier to find.

  2. jshill2 says:

    I was so excited to see your friend request on Facebook! 🙂 I’m glad that you’re excited and wish you all the best in your exploration of this social media behemoth. I thoroughly enjoy FB (most of the time) and feel it has a lot to offer. You may find it to be a bit limiting with the alter identity (i.e. not being able to share much personal stuff)… it’s hard to say. I’m really interested to hear how it works for you. 🙂

  3. MelKoch says:

    I agree with Jess! I think you’ll find some really fantastic things on fb. You are so skilled already in social media and the Internet that I think you will do just fine. I’m looking forward to reading your observations in the future.
    My fb photo is Peggy Olsen from Mad Men. I don’t think I’ve used a photo of myself as my profile photo in years–don’t take that a reason not to believe that someone isn’t who they say they are! We all like to have other identities. 😉

    • You know I looked for something like what you used but just couldn’t settle on something in time to get it posted. Will work on that. Peggy Olsen as a photo – very clever! I feel the more I explore digital media, the more I realize I don’t know. Just trying to enjoy the ride and not be overwhelmed! I’m so envious of your digital media literacy!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Inspiring post! Exploration often means serendipitous learning for me. Now I’m hoping to catch my second wind 🙂

  5. Debbie Stewart says:


    I applaud your courage to get on FB. I also have thought about the title of this course and it helps to realize that the “exploration” of this course is not meant for me to become an expert in all digital media we encounter, but it is about making us aware (at least for me) of the possibilities and experience the smorgasbord of flavors.

  6. lsniestrath says:

    When everyone is feeling like they need a second wind, my advice is to go with what your body is telling you…go to the Beach! Well, that’s my answer to nearly every stressful situation. I find that getting away from the demands of work for a day or two really helps to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body and spirit. I noticed the glazed over, exhausted look in our class as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

  7. Jeff Nugent says:

    I think its pretty cool that you went back to the learning goals and title of the course and found some juice there to renew…that is what self-directed adult learning is all about. Kudos!

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