Going “Meta” on the Screencast

When I was first introduced to the concept of a screencast, I thought that would be the direction in which I would go for my individual project. Now that I’ve done my first, I’m not so sure.  I could have simply used the first thing that I recorded but I just wasn’t happy with it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with many of the re-recordings that followed.  Using Jing and not having the capacity for editing made subsequent recordings more and more nerve racking.  I kept thinking this is the last time I’m going to do this.  However, it seemed the harder I tried, the more mistakes I made and the more recordings I felt I needed to make.  It was hard not to get worked up about the experience.  Finally, I just had to put it all in perspective.  This, after all, was simply a learning experiment.  I wasn’t submitting something for the Academy Awards – thank goodness!

I chose the topic of wikis because as you know that’s a favorite of Wally’s.  I explored various websites where you could create a wiki and finally settled on Wikispaces at www.wikispaces.com.  That, in and of itself was an experience as I created a private label education site and was sent an email with a link to access the site.  However, I was never able to access the site with my username and password.  I had to go through the email link every time.  I sent an email to Wikispaces Support but did not hear back in time to post this blog.  I wanted to start my screencast from the home page for Wikispaces and explain how I created the private label site but was never able to so.  I had to start the screencast from my private label site. That was less than ideal but the clock was ticking.

I’m not completely satisfied with this version of my first screencast but for the sake of time, I’m moving on to the next thing. This was indeed a great learning experience and I think I’m looking forward to improving my skills as a producer of screencasts.  As to whether or not I’ll use a screencast for my individual project – the verdict is still out.

So, with some reluctance, here’s Wally’s first screencast!

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8 Responses to Going “Meta” on the Screencast

  1. Jess says:

    So sorry you had trouble with your screencast, Wally! I experienced some similar woes. I honestly think my first take was the best, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied so I decided to re-record. And then the more times I re-recorded, the more disjointed I felt like it got. So…I’m totally with you there. I’m sure you probably know that the link isn’t working (I saw your Tweet)– hopefully you can get to the bottom of what’s going on. I’m really excited to see it, especially since I did my screencast on wiki’s as well! Hang in there. And don’t forget– I can relate to technology-inspired frustration (think Twitter). 😉

  2. lsniestrath says:

    Hi, Wally
    Did you save your screencast to an outside source? (I think that it was screener or screencast?)The procedure took several steps and was rather slow. Technology can sometimes be rather tricky. Hopefully, you’ll get an answer that will help you solve your problem and then we can all learn from it!)
    Until then I’ll hang on and wait for a retake!

  3. rhettwilcox says:


    Make sure you’ve activated your Jing account and then label your destination file correctly as you upload the video (a little timely process). You should then be able to open the file from your account and copy the url address. Hope this helps – Rhett

    • Rhett, thanks so much for the tips. I finally figured this out. First, with the basic account in WordPress I cannot embed code – all this time I thought it was my issue but as it turns out you much upgrade your account in order to embed code for a video (not the case in edublogs WordPress). Secondly, I had not gone through Screencast.com to link the video in the blog but have now done so. Should be good to go now that everyone is onto the next assignment. Oh, well.

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