The Debate Continues

Obviously, I’m not referring to a presidential debate.  I guess we’ll have to wait another 4 years to see one of those again.  The debate I’m referring to is that of ethical issues and the internet – a topic which I touched on in my last blog.  Along with the blog, I had started to put together a playlist from You Tube regarding this topic.  How ironic, to create a playlist on You Tube about the ethics of some of the material found on You Tube.  Is that being “meta” about user generated content?  Thing is, I went to add to the list tonight only to find out I had no playlist.  Obviously, I did not do something right.  So, I started another playlist and posted it.  For me, this is becoming a rather interesting topic to delve into and I’m looking forward to having a little more time to look a little more deeply into the matter in the future.  For the time being, this playlist will serve to as a good beginning.

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One Response to The Debate Continues

  1. lsniestrath says:

    Wally, this is an interesting collection that you posted. While it seems ironic to post a playlist about YT, what better place could you archive it? These topics would be very useful for considering why some adults struggle with social media. It’s good to know what causes people to struggle in the quest to embrace it when those in our CoP do so almost without thinking. Knowledge and the ability to be “knowledge-able” (aka Wesch) is extremely useful for educators.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together for our consideration!

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