It’s Friday night during spring break and I’m . . .

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It’s Friday night during spring break and I’m . . . sitting at the computer – studying – believe it or not! Kinda crazy, isn’t it?

It’s quiet and I have no other pressing matters at hand and I find myself wanting to learn, yes, just plain learn about something that is interesting to me. It seems that the more I learn about technology and learning, uses for digital media, instructional design, etc., the more I discover that I don’t know. It makes me all the more determined to dig and dig until I find some satisfaction that I know at least a little more of the vast unknown than I did when I started this journey.

For instance, until recently when we were challenged in Project 3 to find a user friendly, low cost portal or platform which could provide collaboration, a resource library, password protected sections for specified groups, access to social networking sites and technical support I had no idea just how many options to facilitate these capabilities there were out there. I decided to go exploring. Besides some of the better known options, I found Wix, Weebly, Webnode, and Jimdo, to name a few. Whew, my exploration had my head spinning as I realized that I was only scratching the surface. I needed much more than a Friday night to really glean the knowledge I wanted about these various options. I needed time for investigation, experimentation and evaluation and unless someone was going to extend spring break, I was not likely to find that time just now.

Don’t misunderstand me. I have by no means spent my entire spring break studying. Oh, no – I’ve balanced the luxury of this Friday evening of exploration with other activities I’ve equally enjoyed during my break. Activities such as visiting my Dad, cooking dinner for my family, getting a few long overdue communications in the mail and even clearing off that dinner room table – wow, I’d almost forgotten how good the table top looked! But this Friday evening reminded me of something very important about myself. I LOVE LEARNING and as much as I love having a break, completing a class and even the idea of one day completing this program, it will not be an end to this joyous pursuit. Regardless of whatever else in life I’m going to be doing, I’m going to be learning. There will always be something I want to know more about and there will be ample opportunities to continue to explore and experiment.

Thankfully, I am somewhat refreshed from this brief break. So as I head back to the routine of class work, reading, weekly blogging, etc., I do so with a renewed commitment to lifelong learning. Here’s to the joy of discovering yet more and more of the vast unknown!

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3 Responses to It’s Friday night during spring break and I’m . . .

  1. Hey, Wally
    What happened when you Tweeted your request out to everyone? Another source that you might consider is the E Platform group through Linkedin. I discovered that Lindsey subscribed to it and recommended it to Joanne. Crowdsourcing is a great way to narrow your search and save some precious time for you! So glad that your break was enjoyable. Guess that the snow missed you?

    • I never really tweeted my request for information on platforms out – just did a lot of independent research. Your point, however, is taken – crowdsourcing would have been a good way to go with this and I shall remember that next time. Thanks, Laurie!

  2. Self directed learning can be a real joy! Aren’t you glad our access to information is so easy!

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