From Platforms to POGIL: The Learning Journey Continues

I’m a little surprised and much delighted to see just how much learning has occurred in the first week of our ID Project. We immediately jumped into exploring ways to make the WordPress website that has being developed for ADLT 671 more user friendly for our learners. This was a great exercise for me, as I had just spent some time exploring the utility of the WordPress platform. As we worked to organize the content, I couldn’t help but reflect on all concepts we’d just been introduced to in Lindsey’s and Sara’s presentations on information architecture. It was exciting to have an opportunity to put some of these ideas into practice and it made me long for a time when I could put a little of this learning into the practice of redesigning my own WordPress blog. But that’s a project for another time.

Next, we turned our attention to the new copyright laws which may impact how we will go about posting reference materials on the website. I had no idea that copyright laws were under revision and how relevant this would be to our instructional design project. I had previously not considered how important this type of information would be for the instructional designer.

During the week, I was also introduced to POGIL. POGIL stands for “Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning” and is a new approach to teaching which is being explored in higher education. According to its co-founder Andrei Straumanis, POGIL is based on three basic principles:

1) Teaching by telling does not work
2) Students learn more when they construct their own understanding
3) Discussion with peers is crucial

The long and short of POGIL is that it has many important implications for medical education. I’ve a feeling I’m about to learn much more about these implications in the weeks to come. Only one brief week into to this project and I’m steeped in new learning experiences. I have a feeling this will only get better.

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2 Responses to From Platforms to POGIL: The Learning Journey Continues

  1. Joanne Even says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about copyright in the digital age! Some of the debates are fascinating… until I realize I have probably violated a few… oops!

  2. jkincann says:

    In the past educators were allowed to use 10% for instructional use. But the use was usually distributed briefly inside the classroom rather than publicly. Posting copyrighted materials publicly is a new problem! POGIL is a great way to describe active learning.

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