Final Thoughts on ADLT 606

ADLT 606 was completed over a month ago.  However, I wanted to provide a few final thoughts on the experience of program design before moving on.  Here are a couple of excerpts from my final reflection.

“One of my favorite parts of the Vella (2008) text was the reference to the “magic” experienced in good learning (p. 76).  Although I have had the privilege of witnessing this a couple of times with adult learners, I was struck with the realization of just how much work goes into making this magic as I completed the project design for the MSW Skills Training Workshop.  The experience of learning may sometimes seem magical. However, the work of program planning is anything but.  As I struggled through the process of creating program goals, program objectives, achievement based objectives, learning tasks and ultimately, evaluation strategies, this became quite clear.  The experience served to drive home the point that there is a lot of hard work that goes into making the “magic” of learning possible!”

“I found myself highly motivated to complete the tasks required for these assignments.  I was hungry to learn and apply the skills of program design.  I could relate well to what Merriam and Bierema (2014) describe as internal motivation, as I worked through the course assignments.

. . . , it is no surprise that the most potent motivators for adults to learn are internal rather than external.  In other words, increased job satisfaction with one’s work, enhanced self-esteem, improved quality of life and personal fulfillment lead adults to learn beyond what might be required by some agency or institution.  An adult is free to choose to learn, which is quite a bit different from pre-adult learning where others determine what the student needs to know. (p. 54)

Although involved in a great deal of program planning, it is not essential in my current position that I have the skill to develop curriculum.  Hopefully, however, this skill will enhance my value to the department of surgery and my personal satisfaction with the quality of the work I am able to provide.  This kind of internal motivation provided much of the energy and stamina that went into the completion of the course assignments.”

Take home point:  The work is not about an end product as much as it is about the learning that takes place in the process!

I think I may be ready for Capstone.

Merriam, S. and Bierema, L. (2014). Andragogy:  The art and science of helping adults learn. In Adult learning:  Linking theory and practice (pp 42 – 60). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Vella, J. (2008). Individual learning enhanced.  In On teaching and learning:  putting the principles and practices of dialogue education into action. (pp. 67 – 80) San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass.

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One Response to Final Thoughts on ADLT 606

  1. Joanne Even says:

    You are definitely ready for Capstone! Glad to have you on the ATD project.

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