The Final Chapter


At long last I find myself writing the final chapter of a story which began in January 2011. This story details my journey through the MEd program in Adult Learning. It has been a journey of self-discovery, revelation, challenge, perseverance and finally, accomplishment. On December 12th I will graduate – finally!

I cannot say I have any regrets. I have done the absolute best that I can and I have certainly learned much that will likely benefit me for years to come. This is a great program; one that I would highly recommend to others. However, make no mistake – I am ready to move on.

As I anticipate moving on, I want to pause and thank a few people who have enhanced this journey. Special thanks to Drs. Carter, Hurst, Muth and Watwood; they provided invaluable assistance along the way. I also want to mention a few authors who I especially appreciated including Caffarella, Block, Vella, Levi and Marquardt. Others certainly contributed to my learning journey but these stand out as exceptional.

Finally, I am grateful for the friendships made along the way, some of which I’m sure will be lifelong. And it goes without saying that “Wally” will always be near and dear to my heart, having providing a way to express so many thoughts and reflections along the way and at the same time provide some anonymity. Wally, you rock!

I’ll conclude with my bucket list for when I have that diploma in hand. I intend to start working on this the moment I exit the Siegel Center on graduation day.

  • Wake up one day and have the luxury of deciding what I will do to relax that day
  • Go fishing with my son
  • Read for recreation
  • Take my father to the Virginia Museum
  • See the top of my dinner room table for weeks at a time
  • Have a leisurely visit with an ole friend
  • Go on a date with my husband






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One Response to The Final Chapter

  1. Joanne Even says:

    Congrats, Wally! Enjoy your new-found leisure time!

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